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Watch the compelling story of Lyndon & Ice, “The Journey of a Marine and his Dog”.

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Programs We Plan To Offer

Ice and I

Canine Therapy

Issued a loving facility dog for their stay, the heroes will become semi-competent in handling canines, and discover valuable awareness of social tendencies.


Equine Therapy

Horses communicate through body language and energy, causing them to reflect how an individual feels, developing a positive outlook on life, and better understanding of self.


Music Therapy

Music Therapy will be offered by licensed professionals volunteering their time to help with the healing of our heroes.


Art Therapy

With licensed professionals donating their time, participants will be guided on different ways to express themselves, and have access to materials freely.


Assistance Dog Opportunities

Working with animals makes it necessary to modify how one acts in order to work well with the animal. Learning about how Service Dogs help will provide insight to heroes on their possible acquisition of a HTH Service Dog.

Veteran Yoga

Yoga & Massage

Endorphins that cause a natural and physical “high” are produced, coupled with a feeling of powerfulness and well-being. This is a feeling that some Veteran’s may have not felt in a long time.

Attributes to Equine and Canine therapy

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